We develop overall, integrated plans for logistics, management of budgets, expenditures and schedules to coordinate the worksite for the most efficient use of resources. Our professionals utilize their skills to achieve outstanding results providing key project management services.
  1. Cost Management
  2. Project Control Systems
  3. Earned Value Management (Cost & Schedule Variances, KPI’s and Suggested Corrective Actions)
  4. Critical Path Method CPM Scheduling & Analysis
  5. Total Float Management
  6. Schedule Acceleration and Compression (Time-Money Trade-Off)
  7. Key Performance Indicators Assessments
  8. P.E.R.T. Analysis & Scheduling Risk Evaluation
  9. Linear & Line of Sight Scheduling
  10. Monte Carlo Risk Simulations
  11. Periodic Scheduling Updates
  12. Planned and As-Built Analysis Schedules
  13. Resource and Cost Loaded Schedules
  14. Analyzing Cash Flow & Project Payment System
  15. Developing Project Work Breakdown Structure
  16. Developing Project Cost Breakdown Structure
  17. Integrating Project Schedule With Cost and Resource Data
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