Simulation Model

Avoid Project Failure By Using Simulation Modelling And Predictive Analytics Tools. We Will Help You To Make Evidence-Based Decisions By Using The New Applications Of Predictive Modelling, Machine Learning And Simulation Modelling In Construction Management.

 Why simulation?

Simulation improves decision making and results in smarter decisions that mitigate rework, costs or risks.
Thereby, improving the likelihood of a successful build to time and budget.

Simulation allows you to:

1- Take better decisions by seeing the impact of proposed changes before they are implemented;

2- Mimic the behaviour of a real system and compare multiple scenarios for optimal solutions;

3- Identify bottlenecks in your system/operation (e.g. productivity assessments, resource utilization, etc.);

4- Measure key performance within your system/operation (e.g. production rates. cycle time, etc.);

5- See the outcomes and answer the what-if questions; and

6- Avoid potentially costly mistakes and improve performance.

By providing the vital information you need, you are able to decide with confidence at every project stage.

The benefits to you, our client

We will help you answer critical questions, such as:

·         How can we save money by better utilizing our resources and direct savings to operations or profits?

·         How can we improve our internal processes to maximize accuracy, efficiency & profitability?

·         Are we able to predict the outputs of different scenarios and will we have the level of confidence needed to make the right  decision?

·         Do we have the right decision-support tool?


Financial benefits flow from this systematic approach to decision analysis. You can expect:

·         Improved productivity & resource utilization;

·         Improved estimating & reliable risk considerations due to uncertainties in the construction industry; and

·         Cost-effectiveness by simulating different work/resources scenarios to minimize direct costs.

With a better understanding of the expected impact on project KPIs under different scenarios and improved overall business performance.


And improved clarity of foresight helps you to manage risk, allowing you to identify and plan against potentially costly delays and disruptions at any stage from breaking ground to project completion.


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